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Spread the Message

The power of the Message,
May Peace Prevail On Earth, lies in its capacity to bring people of various cultures, faith traditions and political ideals together as one united global heart and mind. May Peace Prevail On Earth, allows us to sincerely focus on our mutual desire to serve, create and manifest true peace on earth while transcending our differences and celebrating our common humanity.

The May Peace Prevail On Earth movement is a grassroots global movement to inspire, and re-awaken the inherit consciousness of love, peace and harmony which exists in everyone of us. It is a movement to bring inner peace of mind and to foster peace in the world at large.

Together we can make May Peace Prevail On Earth the most widely expressed universal message of peace! 

Take Action - Spread the Message of May Peace Prevail On Earth.

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Spread The Message

Please visit:
You will be brought to a special page where you can register and then
download your choice of our beautiful Peace Pole Wallpapers for your smart phone
in; English with Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese and Spanish
and our special limited edition Peace Pole Wallpaper for 2020 Year of the Rat!

It's best to be on your cell phone when you register
to download your Peace Pole Wallpaper right to your phone.

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Voices Calling for Peace To Prevail On Earth

Take Action

Simple Action Steps

Every action causes a ripple effect to be felt energetically around the world.
Here are some simple steps you can take to spread the Message,
May Peace Prevail On Earth, in your heart and in your community

• Live, think and act in the spirit of May Peace Prevail On Earth!
• Tell your friends about May Peace Prevail On Earth International.
• Place a May Peace Prevail On Earth sticker on your car or in your shop window.
• Invite Schools to get involved with Peace Pals International.
• Plant a Peace Pole at your School, Park, Community Center or Home.
• Organize a Peace Event and hold a World Peace Flag Ceremony.
• Put a May Peace Prevail On Earth Peace Pole Wallpaper on Your Cell Phone.
• Share The May Peace Prevail On Earth Website with everyone.

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